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Tots Afterschool Care

At Tots Creche, our "Before & Afterschool "service is for kids who’ve started “Big” school and designed particularly for children aged 4 to 12yrs.

Hugely popular amongst parents who’ve had their children with us for a number of years and those new to Tots Creche, our "Before & Afterschool" service is ideal for taking the hectic out of hectic for Kids; the rush out of the commute for parents and putting fun, chill and chat back into their day.

The Breakfast club 7am to 8.30am

The "Before & Afterschool" service at Tots creches in Kildare, kicks off with the Breakfast club that runs from 7am to 8.30 am. Just drop your child to your Tots crèche in the morning and we’ll take care of everything - making healthy breakfast (making sure they eat it!!) , checking laces, assigning schoolbags, getting on the Tots bus, bringing them safely into school and ensuring they get to their class on time and charged up for the day.


The Lunchtime crew 1.30pm to 6pm

The Lunchtime crew gets off to a hungry start at 1.30pm. We collect your child from their School, bring them back to their Tots crèche in Kildare and ensure they eat a hot healthy nutritious meal.


With full tummies and feeling replenished we help them with their homework. And every day you’ll receive a homework sheet detailing what your child has completed. As parental involvement is a vital part a child’s education, we don’t sign off on children’s homework to leave parents do this important task.


The remainder of the day is packed with fun activities for your child. Having had a lot of structure in school earlier, we focus on creating a more relaxed homely environment in their Tots creche.  Your child may choose to assist in helping out or be stimulated with a range of activities and exercise such as art and crafts, fashion shows, plays and more; all designed to suit your child’s interests and needs.

Tots has a large fleet of buses on the road to service the schools at all our locations.

Please check out a list of schools we can service in each area currently.

If your child's school is not on the list please call the office on 045-433477 and we will see if it is possible for us to add the school to our list. The only reason we could not service a school will be purely down to the logistical location and our timing to facilitate all school drop off and collections. 


Educate together, St Patricks ns, Scoile na Naoimh Uilig, St Conleths & Mary's, Patricians primary,

Athgarvan Scoile Bride, Scoile Mhuire,


Prosperous national school, Robertstown national school, Coil dubh national school, Millicent - Hewetson Ns,


Schools to be finalised.


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