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Roseberry Hill Baby Room

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Our Ethos
At Tots creches, we believe that regular feeding, changing and sleeping are just the beginning of baby's needs. We make sure all of "our" babies are given constant individual attention and physical contact- we love to sing to our babies, give plenty of cuddles and lots of love. ​


Every Detail Matters
Before your baby starts we at Tots creche ask you to write a detailed routine about your babies likes and dislikes. The smallest detail can make the biggest difference, so we encourage parents to include all the little things that you know best.

It’s this kind of attention to detail that we believe helps nurture your child’s happiness.

At Tots creche, we offer a two week settling in period for babies to allow Mum and Dad to get to know their child’s key worker and most importantly for your little precious to get used to us. We begin with 30 mins the first day and build it up as we feel baby is settling and Mum and Dad feeling more confident in leaving.

Our experienced  and qualified staff at Tots creche work in conjunction with parents regarding issues such as teething, weaning etc and can be used as a valuable source of advice on any developmental or health issue that parents may have.

Monitored Rest
At Tots,  our baby room consists of a dedicated sleep room and a play room. Your baby has their own sheets and blankets clearly marked and a cot assigned to them.
The baby room and sleep room have viewing panels to allow staff constantly monitor babies rest, in addition to scheduled 10 minute interval physical checks that are recorded in our sleep book. This book is always available for parents to look at.

Baby Progress

We are delighted with the development of Child-Paths in our Roseberry facility allowing us to keep you updated on your child throughout the day.   We can also receive messages from you however we cannot respond to these messages so please feel free to call us during the day if you need to chat!

Parental Note – What you need to bring
At Tots we provide Breakfast/ Snack/ A hot nutritional meal (however while baby is being weaned, parents may prefer to provide their own food) / Tea/ Bottles where required Baby juice and water


You provide:

•2 changes of clothing​
•bottles ( we do not make up bottles as  this is a health-board rule; we ask parents to provide us with the correct amount of bottles and a spare if they wish to mix with breakfast. These will be stored in our milk kitchen)​
•Nappy bags​



If you would like your baby to have anything that you give them especially at home like organic sticks etc please feel free to send them in and we will ensure that Baby gets whatever Mum and Dad want.​​

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