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Child's path

At Tots we pride ourselves on ensuring our parents are involved in their child 's day. So we have invested hugely in ensuring this happens. Tots have installed a new system called Child's Path in all of our services.

This is an app that  provides parents with the knowledge of their  Child's day. Our staff each have an I-pad in the room allowing them to upload Photos, information on Dinner, nap times and Baby changing etc.

Most of the time you ask your child what they did today and the answer is usually "Nothing".

We have found that Child's Path is changing this. Child's Path is providing parents s with the knowledge of their child's day through photos and updates allowing you to start the conversation with your child.

There are huge benefits to this App. We have found that when sending photos to parents they are actually building wonderful memories of their child's early years. Child's Path allows fantastic communication between the parent and their child's keyworker.

Particularly in the current climate with Covid-19 Parents are no longer allowed to enter our buildings and Child's Path is allowing the parents to send us notes through the app or allowing their child's carer to send notes back. 

This is also allowing parents the time to analyse information to help their child's learning and development.

The app allows Parents to not only send messages to their child's keyworker but also to the manager on duty.

This is a very important tool as it allows for all teams to be made aware of any relevant important information that would be sent through the app thus ensuring the best quality of care for your child.

Child's Path has many features

1. Attendance

2. Food and medicine

3. Activities

4. Nappy changing


6. Observations on your child

7. Curriculum planning for the year

8. Developmental milestones

9. Conversations area

10. Reminders

These are some of the features on the app. Parent's that use the app

feel it gives the a better knowledge and understanding of their child's early years and 

helps them to feel much more involved in their child's development.

If you would like to learn more about the App please log on to

Child's path is a wonderful app. it is so reassuring to be able to check in and see how my little girl is getting on. I honestly would be lost without it. 

Andrea Donlon - Parent.

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