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Baby Room 

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Getting some moves going, it's time to explore!. At Tots creches in Kildare, our Baby rooms are specially designed for the key phase between the baby and wobbler stages of development. This is to ensure your little ones' have the space, time and encouragement to take those first steps, learn their first words and of course learn the fun of feeding themselves.

In the Baby room at Tots, we follow your child's routine and we slowly introduce snack etc. There is no such thing as structure in this room, we are completely lead by the children. lunch and dinner are at set times for the other rooms in the creche but not the baby room. 

Our Baby rooms at Tots are equipped with specially designed climbing and standing mounts suitable for Babies to teach them balance and to allow them to explore the world around them. All equipment is suitable for your child's height to encourage their first stage of independence. All our furniture and toys are on low levels and all toys are reachable. This enables them to choose their own activities and encourages them to pull themselves up.

The Baby room is where the fun starts and its fun fun fun from there on. At Tots it's a world of adventure where your child learns to explore the world around them through song, stories, arts and craft, free play activities, outdoor activities and of course plenty of hugs. Tots are 19 years in Business and know exactly what is required to give your child the most fantastic home from home experience.

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