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Halloween Camp  - A truly spookily affair!! 
Great fun playing with Frozen inspired play-dough
Santa enthralls Tots Creche and Daycare   Dec 17th 2014 
Lots of fun atTaste of Asia day in preschool! January 23rd 2015

Noodles, Basmati rice, Sweet n' Sour sauce; Indian curry, Poppadum's and Prawn Crackers YUM!


Chopsticks added to their enjoyment and you might be surprised too at their dexterity and skill !!

Awesome Easter Camps 

Not one, but two Awesome Easter Camps

Tots Easter Camp Newbridge, Kildare
Tots Easter Camp Newbridge Kildare
Tots Creche, Daycare, Montessori Newbridge, Kildare
Spot the focus on creativity
in the first week?


Tots, Creche and Childcare, Newbridge,
Tots Creche and Daycare, Newbride, Easter Culinary Camp
Tots Easter Culinary Camp 2015, Creche and Childcare Newbridge
Food Glorious Food!!
Creche Newbridge, Easter Camp Newbridge, Culinary Camp Newbridge

Yum Yum! Culinary Camp had the added benefit of being able to eat what they made!


And all the kids were amazingly tidy as well; hardly a stray ingredient to be seen at all.

A smattering of other recent events

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