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Our Philosophy 

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Nurturing Each Step


Each child develops at their own natural pace and in harmony with this, at Tots creches in Kildare, we’ve created a symphony of dedicated spaces, designed around nurturing your child’s happiness at every stage of their development.



At Tots creches we’ve dedicated spaces for babies and cruisers, wobblers and toddlers, pre-schoolers and after-schoolers; all the different stages of development.



These dedicated spaces at Tots creches in Kildare ensure that your child has all the right instruments to support them at their unique stage of growth; the right furniture, the right ambient colours, the right sound, learning equipment, toys and more.

We are proud to have dedicated Aim staff, additional floating staff to lend that extra hand when needed a team of bus drivers working tirelessly ensuring everybody is safely where they should be, catering staff keeping everybody's tummies happy! 



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