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Learning Strategy

Expertly Guided Child Lead Learning 

​At Tots, our experienced staff, across our creches in Kildare, have developed a guided child lead learning program that is specially designed to encourage children to explore the world around them.


The children at Tots lead the way in their learning. If a child at Tots talks about a story that happened at a weekend or something that they are interested in, this then allows the very qualified Tots staff to develop the child's story and to enhance the world around them. A simple comment from a child or an interest can allow for a magnificent story to unfold.

We may also be in a position to develop something small into an award winning learning story. While meeting the individual needs of the children, this process is so much more engaging and child friendly and in particular child lead. We start with a framework curriculum  and build from there to uncover and facilitate the the natural flow of the children's imagination.  

​Our framework curriculums are designed on a monthly basis from which we draw up weekly plans.  Each activity is continuously evaluated and observations on each child's development is rigorously documented.

Curiosity at work

All our facilities are enriched with visual learning, which encourages your child to learn through the environment around them. We concentrate on facilitating their natural curiosity and provide a wide variety of real life, hands on experiences to your child to support their inquisitive minds. These experiences are compiled in a learning journal for your child's classroom that you will see proudly displayed on our walls.

Keeping in touch with you

Communication; it's at the heart of what we do. We have a refined communications process that consists of written "Daily Contact" and "Monthly Contact" sheets, detailed below.

We also think it's important to have frequent chats about the itsy bitsy things , as our paths weave across the day too. And if you'd like to have a chat about anything else, we're always happy to talk; just give us a call.


Diary of your child's early years - get the App!

We encourage parents to register for the Child's Path App that is now available for each of our centres.  You get bespoke discrete daily updates through the app with pictures and full details of food, naps, nappy changes, fun and any other details we wish to post to you as an individual.

A fantastic tool, Child's Path is like a diary of your child's early years. Don't miss out it is worth registering. This ensure that parents are well informed and up to date on their child's progress and welfare.

Daily contact sheets and Child's path

At Tots we ensure that you feel completely involved in your child's learning and education. We provide an "end of day sheet" for your child which contains all the information about your child's day and learning. Through the new system to the creche this allows the staff to also send a Monthly contact sheet. This is only in the event you are not registered for the daily updates

Every month you will receive a letter which explains all the information regarding your child's curriculum and learning progress. This includes words of songs and poems so that parents can reinforce the child's learning at home.


Aistear & Siolta

Our Curriculums are guided by the national frameworks of Aistear and Siolta 

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