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Essential Information for Parents

What Parents must supply for your child​:


The following items must be supplied (depending on your child’s age)

  • Nappies / pull-ups

  • Creams – clearly marked with child’s name

  • Nappy bags Wipes / cotton wool

  • Bottles  (if required) / soothers


*Please note that all formula milk must be made up already and in the bottle ready for use. We cannot accept formula in containers. We cannot open your child’s bottle so it will be given as it’s received. These guidelines are in place to ensure the safety of your child and to ensure no cross contamination between feeds.

What to do if your child is sick:


Please notify us if your child is absent through illness. We ask parents to ensure that if your child appears unwell that they do not attend crèche.


  • If your child has had sickness or diarrhoea they cannot return to crèche for at least 48 hours from when the symptoms have ceased.

  • If your child is on an antibiotic they are not allowed to return to the crèche for 48 hours from the time they started the medication to ensure the wellbeing of your child and our duty to other children.

  • If your child has conjunctivitis they cannot return to crèche until the infection has cleared completely.

  • If your child has contracted impetigo they cannot return to crèche until all the lesions have dried out.

  • If your doctor informs you that your child has a viral infection we ask you to inform the crèche and keep your child off until they are well enough to attend.

  • If your child attends the crèche with a high temperature (38 degrees and above), we cannot allow the child to remain in our care.

  • Please be assured that we will notify parents of any outbreaks of illness such as chickenpox /hand foot and mouth within the crèche.

On occasion a staff member may need to call you should your child become ill during the day.  Please be assured that we do not take this decision lightly to call you away from work.

Creche opening and closing times

We are open Monday – Friday, 7am – 6.30pm

​The crèche will be closed on the following public holidays:

  • St.Patrick’s Day

  • Good Friday

  • Easter Monday

  • May bank holiday Monday

  • June Bank Holiday Monday

  • August Bank Holiday Monday

  • October Bank Holiday Monday

  • Christmas (We close for around 1 week depending on when it falls each year).

All fees are paid monthly and due on the 1st of every month by cash, cheque, laser or standing order. If the 1st falls on a weekend the fees are due the first working day prior. (A standing order is the preferred payment method)

An envelope will be attached to your child’s end of day sheet or in their box a few days before monthly payments are due.

Fees are payable during periods of illness, holidays, bank holidays and over the Christmas period.

Child collection policy 

Parents appreciate that we operate very strict policies around child collecting. Only parents are allowed to collect their own children.


If for any reason the parent is unable to collect their child, the parent is required to please inform the crèche with good advance notice and ensure to speak directly to their child’s nominated carer to advise them of all relevant details about the person whom they’ve nominated on their behalf.


The nominated person will be required to bring photo identification with them. Tots reserve the right to seek further proofs of identity, should it deem necessary, including the parents’ crèche password and any other proofs it deems appropriate before releasing the child into their care.

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