Opening Times Tots Prosperous 

At Tots Prosperous, we provide a comprehensive suite of childcare services, designed to suit each family' s unique needs.  In consultation with parents, we advise on the most appropriate care option for your child  at their Tots creche in Kildare to ensure that whatever stage your child is at in their development, their happiness will be fully nurtured by us.

Please call us on 045-840148 for any information you may like, we look forward to hearing from you.

Opening times 7.00 am to Monday to Friday 

Preschool 9.30 to 12.30 Nicole 

Please see our additional links to explain all funding available .

ECCE - Free preschool

Affordable Childcare



CETS - Fas / KWETB / Training course / childcare supplement 

ASCC - Afterschool Scheme

AIM - Access and inclusion model,