Toddler Room (2.5 years to 3.5 years)

Our toddler rooms at Tots creches in kildare present a world of choice which focuses on activities that, depending on their interests, your child can learn in their curriculum. The rooms are spacious, bright and full of enriched learning materials for your child to explore. At Tots creches in Kildare, we divide the room into areas of interest for the children, such as an art area, home corner, table top activites, sand and water area and construction area. These areas change as the children's interests do.

The toddler rooms at Tots creche offer a lot of real life experiences too as we introduce them to many different educational topics. A more structured routine is usually followed at this stage that incorporates meal times, nap times, free play, art and craft, music and outdoor play-time.


There are also more table top activities to help your child get ready for school and it's routines.

Education through exploration at Tots creches in Kildare and all in a safe and stimulating environment; the toddler rooms are full of spontaneity, creativity and ideas developed by staff and children.