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Pre-school places are HIGH in demand and limited

Pre-School Room 1​ - 2.5 years 

Free Pre-School / Montessori

ECCE - Early Childhood Care and Education Scheme


At Tots creches in Kildare, we are registered for the Government ECCE Free Pre-School scheme which provides two free pre-school years for children 2 years before they start primary school. Our pre-school is free at Tots Creche for your child to attend under the government scheme (EECE). Children qualify from 2.5 years.  Call us to see when your child is entitled to this scheme

Our Pre-School rooms at Tots are designed to allow your child the freedom to learn through play and experimenting! Your little ones begin to follow a more structured routine to prepare them for their future journey to "Big" school. We generally run pre-school on a part time basis, from 9.30 -12.30 in the morning and 2.00 to 5.00 in the afternoon although there is exceptions to this!

Great Learning

Your child will experience learning at Tots, a fun and exciting experience but based to their own pace, using age and stage appropriate materials. At Tots we ensure inclusion for everybody and incorporate proven strategies into our pre-school class. This allows us to create a curriculum specially designed around your child's needs and interests. We working along a Síolta / Aistear approach ensuring your child receives rich, stimulating and valuable learning at Tots creches in Kildare.

Great Teachers

Our pre school rooms boast a level 8 educator alongside a room support teacher with a level 5 or 6 in early years education. our pre school rooms are bright and spacious with an enriched learning environment for your child to grow and learn at Tots in a fun and stimulating way.​​

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