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Wobble Room (12months - 24 months)​
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At Tots creches in kildare, our wobble rooms are purposely designed for your little ones, adding a little more stucture and routine into their days, incorporating meal times, nap times, free play, art and craft, music and outdoor play time.


The day follows a routine but may not always go to plan as this age group is still very young!

This room at Tots creche promotes independence where your child will discover how to achieve many tasks at their own pace. Our aim at Tots creche is to provide real life, hands on experiences for your child where their imagination is free to run wild.

The wobble room is designed to help your child make the transition from solitary play to parallel play and discover the world around them through specially designed groups and individual activities.

It's a room full of learning, where both you and your child can see from the enriched learning environment what this room has to offer.

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